Sunday, August 15, 2010

If I had the world to give...

So here's an interesting question that I saw on someone's Facebook "wall". Ready? Would you give up the greatest wish of your heart for the greater good of all?

Before I answer this or ask you for your thoughts, feelings, responses, I have another question (or two): What is the greater good of all? Would it mean that all suffering in the world could end? What of Thich Nhat Hahn's notion that without suffering we could not grow as individuals? How about ending world hunger? That one sounds pretty good, right? What if the greatest wish of my heart was ending world hunger? I think we're looking for a personal wish and not a philanthropic one. But then again...

Is there always a downside to wishing for the greater good? Would ending world hunger lead to overpopulation? Surely, an end to sickness would. And, to ponder further, who's to say that if I gave my heart's greatest wish to end world hunger or that there would be no more war that somewhere down the line, something far worse would exist. Us human beings are pretty crafty when it comes to killing each other. And let's not forget nature and the earth as an entity. Would my wish be trumped by natural disasters?

If I wished for no more war, what would happen if a natural disaster happened to a particular country and the only way for those citizens to survive was to take from their neighboring country? Would war naturally occur or am I just being a pessimist here?

If the "greater good of all" was that the human race became more tolerant, peaceful, loving, compassionate, and patient with themselves and their fellow humans (without a hitch or some catch like it will happen, but only for a month), I would give up my heart's greatest wish.

How about you? Would you give up your heart's greatest wish for the greater good?

Gary . . .

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